Pandemic Perspectives May 21, 2024

Directed by Alessandro Ugo. Short documentary, filmed by the young people of Haringey Youth Space, incorporating a mix of interviews and visuals that capture the essence of the pandemic, the diverse experiences, challenges, and reflections of individuals and communities during this unprecedented time. Presented by accredited counsellor, Victoria Bennett, interviewing the young people sharing their experiences of loneliness, anxiety, depression, and coping mechanisms and the lessons learned from the pandemic experience. Insight into how individuals and families navigated remote learning,…

F[R]EE trailer March 29, 2022

F[r]EE uniquely collects the confessions of the protagonists of the zero hour of free tekno parties, a mysterious clandestine world. A behind the scene across three decades, told by the pioneers of the longest living counter culture.

OUTSIDERS January 30, 2020

Directed, Produced and Edited by Alessandro Ugo